BangLocals review: The easiest way to get scammed + 1 alternative that actually works



                If you like and use online dating platforms and you want to try something new, my suggestion is to avoid BangLocals under any circumstances. Just because the title says so, this doesn’t mean the site is actually about hooking up with local girls. The reason for that is pretty simple: this website is a scam and will not forgive you in case you are naive. Today, I will be revealing BangLocal’s secret and tell you why you should avoid it no matter what.

First Impression uses a nice home page that doesn’t ave any overcomplicated details, in order to win your trust. The page has some images and an easy to complete register form that asks for your gender preferences,your zip code, e-mail and a password.


You will also notice some images of hot girls in the new members section. The images are a little bit too explicit, but that isn’t the main problem here. The website says that they registered this week. However, if you do a little research, you will find out that this section never changes, which is the first thing that should raise a red flag. 

The “How it works” section suggests that BangLocals is free in terms of registering, and also helps you understand how this website is supposed to work. After you’ve created an account, you need to login onto using your e-mail or using your phone number. The only thing that is left to do is the setup of the date. 

Besides the title, BangLocals uses many misleading techniques. One of those is creating the “Terms of use”, “Privacy” and “support” buttons and displaying them on the homepage. This way, people are tricked into believing that this site is 100% legit.


BangLocals doesn’t provide any features,despite its attracting name. YOu may think that it is a dating platform. When in fact, it is a wbsite only used for scamming people. YOu are going to see that, after you’ve created the account.

  It may seem like an interesting and useful feature, but it is actually a very big misleading characteristic. The website wants you to think that it is scanning and banning the people who are underage, by making you enter your credit card data in order to finish the registration.

They rely on the fact that most of the people don’t actually read the terms of that certain verification and they
manage to scam a lot of people using this technique. This way, they will instantly charge you 120 dollars. This method is very interesting, because the 120 dollars will go to 3 different pornography websites, meaning that you will not be able to recover your money.

All this money, for absolutely nothing. The website doesn’t help you in any way and the site is filled with fake profiles. With a quick research, you will be able to discover that the images posted on the homepage are also stolen from porn websites. That is the second fraud that BangLocals does, because most likely, it doesn’t have the girls permission to use those images.


                The worst part about the scam is that the money taken initially is just the beginning. You will be  charged every month if you don’t cancel the membership. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part. It may seem easy, because BangLocals offers you a support page, including a contact e-mail and a phone number. However, many people have been complaining that nobody is trying to solve their problem, and the single way to do that is by replacing or freezing your credit card.

                Another important fact you should remember is that you must cancel your membership 3 days prior to the end of the current term, otherwise you will get charged once again.

                If you somehow like to be fooled and decide to stay on this platform, you are going to be assaulted with hundreds of messages from really hot girls. In reality, all of those are bots that will automatically send this kind of messages. If you try to reply to them, they will either not respond or respond with a random message.

                Moreover, there are a lot of negative reviews on the internet where people from all over the world are complaining that they lost their money in a matter of seconds. Some of them even tried to sue BangLocals, but with no results unfortunately.



                If you are looking for a working online dating platform I suggest you to visit AshleyMadison. The website is very popular and has one of the biggest community of people in this niche. This is a huge advantage that will obviously increase your chances of finding a new girl to hook up with. The layout of the page is very simple, meaning that anyone can use it, including older people. The 2 special features, “My perfect match” and “My intimate desires” will help you choose the perfect match using a complicated algorithm. You shouldn’t lose your money on sites like BangLocals when there are some honest ones like AshleyMadison.



                Overall, BangLocals uses a scam method that has only one purpose: stealing as much money as possible. With so many facts that show  the real intentions, I highly suggest you to avoid it. If it can’t be stopped by the law, the only way to end it is by convincing the rest of the people to stay away. With so many options on the internet right now, you shouldn’t risk trying to register on it, it will not help you in any way. If you do want a working online dating platform that is guaranteed to work, you have a lot of options to choose from on our homepage.