InMeNow Review: The Website That Has A Single Useless Page



                You might know that I’ve been using dating and hookup websites for a very long time now, so I can easily differentiate a bad website from a good one. When I first visited, I was very surprised. The homepage was simple and responsive and this fact convinced me to try it to see if it was actually going to help me meet a woman. After I’ve decided to click the button, I was shocked. Today, I want to share my experience with inmenow and do a quick review of it.

First Impression

                Just like I told you a little earlier, will make a pretty good first impression. From my experience, the simple hookup websites are always the best. You don’t need a lot of information and pictures on the homepage, just the basics. InMeNow wants you to think that it does exactly that, by adding just a blue background, a picture of a sexy woman, a little bit of info and a button.

                The text on the page explains how women that are already registered on the website want you to sign up by clicking the button, so you can satisfy them.

                That’s pretty much it for the homepage. Once you click the button or the image, the website will reveal its true purpose. You will be redirected to another website, which may vary depending on the period that you access it. Usually, these kind of marketing websites change the redirected link when someone pays them better.


Right now, the redirected site is called UberHorny, which I already reviewed on my website. It is a great hookup website, but that doesn’t mean will only redirect you to legit sites. Sometimes, the link will make you enter your credit card info in order to steal your money, so watch out!



                I think that you already figured out that it doesn’t provide any features because you can’t consider inmenow a dating site. It is a simple tool that uses its popularity in order to promote other unknown websites, for the right amount of money of course. You should avoid those at any cost because not only it could steal your money, but it can also put you into some dangerous situations.


                Because InMeNow doesn’t provide any benefits or features, I feel like I have to give you a working alternative that will definitely get you laid if you are willing to invest some time into it. The website that I want to talk about is called BeNaughty and compared to this one, it has a very long list of advantages.

                Firstly, it does actually provide a sign-up form, which is very easy to complete. One of its main benefits is that you can sign in with Facebook and nowadays, this is a rare characteristic in the online dating world. This saves a little time and this way, it will be almost impossible to forget your account.

                The site has an explicit search engine, which allows you to find exactly who you want. You can filter out people based on their ethnicity, marital status, income level, tattoos and many more.


                The communication is also easy here, making you wish you find out about this amazing site faster. Overall, BeNaughty is a great platform in order to find a hookup or even your next love, so don’t forget to try it.



                In conclusion, isn’t a legit website and it isn’t going to help you in any way. It is just a tool to promote other websites and you shouldn’t access it. There are many other good options out there that are definitely going to help you setup dates, hookups and many more. You just have to find the popular ones that are confirmed to be working, like BeNaughty.