OneBackPage Review: Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time And Money On It



If you ever used online dating, you’ve probably stumbled upon a website called OneBackPage before. It is a Craiglist type website, where you will be able to search for many things beside sex ads. However, it is mostly used for that. What differentiates this website from the other hookups sites out there is the fact that most of the girls here are escorts, so you are going to have to pay for services. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to present my personal opinion.

First impression

The first time you will access you might be a little bit disappointed. It has some very big flaws which you will notice immediately. Firstly, considering the fact that this site is not made strictly for sex ads, it is way too explicit. You are going to find a lot of sexual content like naked picture right away.

Secondly, no matter which link you are going to click, the loading speed will be just horrible. Although the layout of the page is pretty simple compared to other websites, it still struggles to load any link. It may not seem like it, but it is a huge drawback. No one wants to spend a lot of time to find some random hookup and if you can’t find the right girl immediately, you are going to waste hours and hours.


The next flaw which I’m going to talk about is the design of the website. The online dating websites have been evolving a lot lately and they are even improving their pages appearance. Even though most of the people will not care about this small detail, there are many men and women out there that are spending time on different websites just because of that and would quit a page right away if it is too disturbing in terms of design and colors. I think the speed of the website should compensate with the ugly design, but it doesn’t, it is still very slow despite of this fact. With that being said, Onebackpage needs to hire some new web developers as soon as possible.


                The main feature of the website is obviously, the sex ads. Although it is supposed to have ads from many different categories like cars or houses, the website specializes on those. This is simply because there are much better options when you are looking for something else, so people mostly use this for sex.

                Because the ads are from hookers, you can find many women willing to satisfy your deepest fantasies, for the right price of course. Basically, anything from massage to even orgies. 

                Onebackpage has a search engine where you can select the category which you are looking for, the region and the city. Many of those categories have no ads or have some random ads that don’t have anything to do with them. In fact, many hookers upload their sex ads in random categories in order to get more views.

                Posting on Onebackpage requires on simple action: creating an account. You need to enter your personal information and a username. You will only have to do that one time because after that, you will only have to login onto Onebackpage.

                Another feature of the website is the daily update of the hottest trending ads. It is supposed to boost an ad popularity, based on the positive reviews of that certain ad. You should definitely not rely on this characteristic. Those reviews can be easily faked by anyone, including the owner of the ad. It is a simple way to scam people, so make sure you watch out.


                Next up, the first page has a little box called Ads Verified Safe Users. Just like the hottest trending ads, this is another section that can be easily tricked and sabotaged, meaning that those ads could be scams as well.


                You can already tell that the website has a lot of disadvantages, based on the features from a little earlier. Unfortunately, after a while, those flaws will make you choose another dating platform.

                One of the worst things a person can experience on the internet is the bad loading speed. Not everyone has a lot of patience when it comes to that. As I’ve told you, this website is a nightmare from that point of view. Onebackpage is a website where you will have to navigate through multiple ads until you find the best deal, so that means you are going to waste half of your time spent here just to load the pages.

                If you have not seen the website yet, you would probably think that it has a very complex design, due to the fact that it has a very slow loading speed. It is not complex at all! It is just a white colored page, with a search bar, a drop down menu some photos and some links. That’s why, the design is considered another big flaw of the website.

                Let’s say you can get over the design disadvantage, but I don’t think you should ignore the fact that some of these ads seem a little too good to be true. If that ever comes into your mind, don’t try anything silly. The website doesn’t have anyone to check the ads for catfishers, perverts or creeps. You might end up into a very dangerous situation if you don’t try to at least verify the women from the other side of the screen. You can convince her to talk a little bit over camera or to send you a distinctive picture if you have any doubts.

                Last thing which I’m going to talk about is the lack of ads in some categories. Although OneBackPage has a ton of categories where you could theoretically search for many things besides sex services, the rest of them are empty 99% of the times. There are a few exceptions. Also, don’t be surprised if you will still find sex ads into the vehicles category. Yes, hookers post ads in a lot of categories just so they will get more views.


                The list of disadvantages can continue, but these are the most annoying ones. 


                As you’ve realized, Onebackpage isn’t like any other dating websites. That is why, there is no monthly membership or anything like that. Because this is an ad website, you pay for what services you want. As I’ve said, you can find massages which will be pretty cheap depending on the girl and also sex, the price also varying depending on the things which you want to try.


                Also, another thing that costs money here is posting a premium ad. This will promote your ad and attract people faster.



                Overall, with so many options available on the internet right now, OneBackPage is a bad choice. Despite the fact that there are some hot girls that will provide good services for a low price, it is just not worth it. The site doesn’t focus on security too much, which is why meeting a catfish is likely to happen. You can find hookups very easy on other sites, so if you consider that Onebackpage is simply not for you, I highly advise you to visit our main page.