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Do Online Personals Websites Work? 3 Alternatives  That Will Help You Out!

Have you ever felt that you are getting too old and you haven’t met the love of your life? If the answer is yes, chances are, you thought about online personals websites. Some people believe that only desperate people will access one of those, but that isn’t true at all. Times have changed and a lot of people meet their life partner online nowadays. In this article, I’m going to tell you about this niche and even give you some variants in case you want to join the club.

How do adult personals work?

The idea behind those is pretty simple. You create an account in which you will insert your personal data and you can start searching for the perfect profile. There are some modern websites which have algorithms that will do that for yourself, which I think are the best choice. Unfortunately, the free adult personals aren’t as useful as the paid ones. This is just because the membership will help you find the right persons faster. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find it for free.

Everyone wants free online personals like Craiglist. Since it disappeared, a lot of companies tried to profit and set huge prices for their membership. You shouldn’t spend your last cent on such things, it is simply not worth it.

If you aren’t into long term relationship, you can find dedicated adult sex personals as well. Here, people look strictly for sex. The bad thing is that real females are quite rare here. Be careful, as it can get pretty dangerous sometimes with all the freaks out there.


Online personals ads are everywhere, that’s why this niche is very hard to miss while browsing the internet. On the other hand, free online personals that give you full feature access are pretty hard to find and actually quite dangerous. I’ve already talked about the scary people, there are going to be a lot of those when the site is free.

Which are the best online classifieds personals?

One search on Google on this topic will surprise you. Many people expect only few results, but they are shocked when they find out that there are hundreds of them. This can get quite confusing, so I’ve decided to tell you 3 best options when getting into online classifieds personals.

Starting off, let’s assume you want to find the love of your life. In this case, you probably don’t want to be getting messages from people that only want a one night stand. ChristianMingle is a free personals online website that allows Christians from all over the world to find a faithful partner. It is very popular as well, reaching up to 3.5 million of visits per month.

The sign up process is not going to take 10 seconds, as you will be asked some specific questions. Take your time, as the answers will determine your next partner.

The search bar has a lot of filters to it, in order to find the perfect person based on gender, age, religion, location and relationship type. The algorithm finds your compatible persons in order to make your work easily.


It has a feature called “Secret Admirer” that will notify you whenever someone will like you profile, if you’ve already liked his. 

If you want full access to the website’s features, you must pay a tax. It is cheap compared to others, costing you 30 dollars per month.

                The next interesting website which I’m going to cover is called OurTime. It was made for every person which is 50+ years old in order to find their true love. Surprisingly, there are a lot of seniors that know how to use dating websites. It has about 8.9 millions of visitors every month. It has a lot of features, but most of them require real money. I think they are worth it though, as it will substantially increase your rate of success.


                Each day, the site will pick 10 matches for you, based on the algorithm, which you can message and figure out if they are your next love. It has a detailed search option, which allows you to filter characteristics like age, location, interests etc if you think the matches aren’t good enough.

The “Promote me” feature will place your profile at the top for 60 minutes, so people can notice you faster.

                The pricing is similar to the previous site, the membership will cost you 30 dollars per month. However, buying a 6 month membership will cost you about 18 dollars per month.


The final option Is OkCupid, which is an online free personals for everybody, no matter the religion, the age and sexual orientation. Just like most of the websites in the niche, you can upgrade your account in order to access more features, for as little as 10 dollars per month. The layout of the pages is simple, so everyone will consider it appealing and easy to use. 

Although it is pretty popular, OkCupid doesn’t have too many people registered from small cities. It offers the possibility to look for serious relationship or a hookup. The sign up process is easy, but not too specific. You will be asked 7 general question and you will be given some photos, in order to reveal your type of person. That means you shouldn’t be surprised if the algorithm makes a little mistake sometimes.


Overall, online personals websites aren’t for everybody, but many people can find their true love here. You just have to pick a good and popular website and be a little patient. The time will come sooner or later. The 3 sites that I gave you should help you find a person that I gave you in no time.